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Hospice CAHPS : Get Ready!

Hospice CAHPS is here. If you have cared for more 50 or more decedents you will need to make a “dry run” before April 1st. Results from this dry run will not be published but demonstrates you have transmission capacities. Be ready to participate in the H-CAHPS process, it’s MANDATORY! Thanks to my friends at […]


Review of Axxess Software

I admit this review is long overdue. I’ve been seeing Axxess being utilized in the majority of agencies that I’ve visited as both a surveyor and consultant. As it turns out, it is because they have over 1800 home health clients since their inception in 2011. That’s pretty impressive. I had a long chat and […]


21st Century Healthcare Consultants present their new Hospice Start Up Package

I am excited to report that I’ve joined forces with 21st Century Healthcare Consultants in developing a comprehensive Hospice Start Up Program. I’ve long been impressed with their work in the home health industry and when the company started discussing the addition of  hospice to their line of offerings, if they could just find the right person […]


Changes in Hospice; New Demands in Data; Get Expert Assistance

2014 is bringing many changes to the hospice industry. Outcome reporting is looking a lot like OASIS reporting and software selection is going to prove crucial in managing those changes. I am so pleased to announce that I am returning to CHAP and consulting after a year in the “real world”. I have learned so […]


A Few Words About the "Big Boys" of Home Health Software

The home health software industry is really not that big of an industry. When I started out over a year ago to create a comprehensive database of functions, pricing, training, support, and most importantly, outcomes I was naive! While they may all be windows based, web based (mostly) and have fairly similar function menus. They […]


By Request:The Care Anyware Review

I’ve had a few requests from readers to do a review on Care Anwyare. I finally caught up with Ann Saye at Care Anyware and must first comment on her excellent teaching  and demo skills. I really like her approach and low-tech vocabulary that puts the high-tech process into terms old nurses like me can […]


What I Love about HomeSolutions.NET by Sansio

I completed a demo with Kraig Erickson at Sansio on Friday of HomeSolutions.NET and I was really impressed. I decided to do another “What I Love About…” blog post! There is a lot to love with this solution. For instance, I love that an agency can use a variety of data collection methods. That’s speaks to […]


A Second look at HealthCare First (Home Health, Hospice, Billing and Coding)

I looked at HEALTHCAREfirst a little over a year ago when we started publishing reviews. Since that time, the company acquired Lewis so I contacted David Garcia to find out what had changed and how  this acquisition affected function. This is a review of the Home Heath application called first HOMECARE.  I also took a peek at […]


OASIS Review for Dummies–and Geniuses! PPS Plus

I’ve always been a big, big fan of PPS Plus! Any agency that completes OASIS can benefit from adding PPS Plus to the OASIS review process. PPS Plus is a simple, simple solution and can be installed via en email link. You simply enter your OASIS data (that can then be transferred into your clinical […]