After Hours On-Call Solutions


NurseLineLogo is a new solution to an old problem.

NurseLine provides hospice specialized triage services. The service provides hospice certified and experienced  RN’s to answer your patient’s/facility call after hours. A live RN to answer the phone instead of complicated voice mail prompts that can prove frustrating to patients and families in time of  crisis.

NurseLine provides the hospice with quality, compassionate, calm confidence with  hospice RN’s that answer each patient’s call. The RN can contact the medical director for orders as necessary, order medications within the hospice’s formulary and notify RN’s or LPN’s for the need of a visit as indicated. The NurseLine RN will follow up with the patient/family/facility to ensure satisfaction and favorable outcomes.

The experienced hospice RN can also assist the hospice in containing costs by their knowledge of hospice appropriate interventions that have been proven to be clinically as well as financially effective. This same knowledge can drastically reduce hospitalizations and continuous care costs.

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