Hospice Billing Resource

f075d65533915680e5dc5186befa1298I am so proud to endorse my friend Theresa Scott at www.mytexla.com for her expertise in hospice billing and coding. Sure, she does LOTs of other stuff, including home health billing,  collections, claims recovery, and she does it all BRILLIANTLY.

However, I’m REALLY excited about adding a hospice billing/coding company to the resources in my toolbox for hospice clients. There just aren’t that many folks that know hospice and with the latest changes in hospice regulations, its  impossible to just push a button to bill a hospice anymore. oh, remember the days, sigh…

There have been a few important payment conditions in hospice in the past 18 months. One, adding comorbidities and secondary diseases. Remember the days when you just had to discern the terminal illness?

Medicare Part D! Jeez Louise! Hope your pharmacy provider is on top of this potentially costly Medicare recoupment for medications that should’ve been paid by hospice but weren’t, or how to assist patients in getting medications that you aren’t covering when they are denied by Medicare Part D.

And what about the Hospice OASIS equivalent? The Hospice Information Set which started on July 1, 2014. Now, it’s not QUITE the equivalent, it’s only collecting data on about 7 items, but it is transmitted within 30 days of admission and 14 days of transfer or discharge.

So, having a hospice biller and coder in my back yard, whom I’ve worked with personally is a secret I’ve been keeping to myself. However, given the increased complexity we are seeing in hospice it feels like a good time to share her with my past, current, and future clients.

Give her a call at 972-922-2409


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