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I’ve had the good fortune to demo Hospice Management Suite after reading a review by TIm Rowan of Health Care Technology Report who can be counted on for unbiased assessments of the contenders in the healthcare software industry. If you are not familiar with Tim’s work you should peruse his website at the link above.

Back to Hospice Management Suite, I sat in on the demo of a new hospice operation who is currently on Consolo and finding it difficult to get their staff up to speed on documenting consistently. (I’ll address that issue on another post.)

First of all, Hospice Management Suite is a web-based application. In 2013, most healthcare software applications are now web-based: No servers, no IT personnel to hire and manage (like herding cats! lol). So this point is not as  big a point as it was 3 years ago, but it is worth mentioning again; if ain’t web-based, its a deal breaker.

Second, hospice documentation is ALL about communication and coordination and this is enhanced in a number of ways in the Hospice Management Suite application;  from dashboards unique to each user type to email and text notification of team and physicians as changes are documented in the application. The dashboard is basically a summary of the reports that a manager was once required to run at various time points, put in the correct parameters and analyze the data, and act intelligently. While nothing takes the place of a manager’s intelligent analysis and action, it is nice to have the data from the various sections of the application at your fingertips and know that it is correct. That’s beneficial to clinicians as well as to managers.

The application itself is very easy to navigate. I NEVER crack open an owner’s manual and I don’t pay attention in class. I have to just figure it out for myself and could do so in a matter of minutes without training in Hospice Management Suite. I know, I’ve been doing this awhile but there are still some applications that I have no visual prompt to move one way or another and unless I’ve been instructed, will get stuck in a loop of opening and closing a patient record. Not a pretty sight.

Thirdly, Hospice Management Suite’s  IDT prep is automated. Most of the time and energy that goes into  documentation that most staff members do prior to IDG. (summarizing the last 2 weeks of activity, interventions, and results) is reduced to next to nothing by Hospice Management Suite in that the IDG is populated from charting throughout the previous 2 weeks in a summary…automatically. This is not only convenient, but its accurate. Some clinicians are so harried at IDT prep that they leave out important and relevant patient information and IDT charting looks generic and vague. As quality reporting to CMS drives more and more of our documentation; accuracy is more important than ever to defend our work.

(Remember IDG is for care PLANNING, not REVIEWING)

Hopefully, the team has been informed in real time of what is going on with the patient and we are getting together to discuss what we can do next. This brings me to another WONDERFUL feature of Hospice Management Suite and that is the email/text notification of changes in the patient’s care plans. The email (and or text) notification does not include patient sensitive protected health information so the HIPAA encryption requirements are circumvented entirely. It alerts the team members that changes have been made in a particular portion of the record and they can enter the application and sign off that they’ve been informed.

In the old days, we left  voice mail reports that got distributed to the team of new admissions, deaths, changes in condition, etc. I remember listening to report as I got dressed in the morning and making changes to my itinerary accordingly. Does anybody still do voice mail? Most folks are using email and most commercial email applications do not meet the HIPAA requirement.

Last, but not least is QAPI, which is represented nicely in Hospice Management Suite and dovetails with HQRP reporting requirements with many structural elements (infections, falls, etc) as well as the #0209 Comfortable Dying measure. 2014 reporting will require more measures to be reported and Hospice Management Suite keeps themselves current on the increasing quality reporting required by Medicare. Stay tuned for more information related to #1617, #1634, #1637, #1638, and #1639!

HMS Pricing is competitive and fairly straightforward and easy to budget. “Hospice Management Suite™ costs a monthly fee of $500 or $35 per patient based on your average ADC of a calendar quarter (whichever is higher; discounts may apply). This simple, yet scalable and predictable subscription model allows you to pay only for what you need when you need it, whether you are brand new, rapidly growing or a large multi-office hospice.”

Call Tim Pennington at 888-264-3491 EXT 156 or email tpennington@hospicesoft.com  for a demo and be sure to ask for a review of the care planning when you get him on the phone.

The offices of Hospice Management Suite are located in the Mountain Time Zone.
Phone: (801) 491-0705
Toll Free: (888) 264-3491




  1. Shirley Jenkins says:

    Super excited about this product. The functionality sounds amazing. Thanks for the great review of the software!

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