Introducing the Home Health or Hospice Operations “Level One Diagnostic”

Forgive the Star Trek reference but it has occurred to me that 99 times out of 100 I am able to identify Medicare deficiencies, CHAP required actions, and opportunities to improve within the first few charts. The rest of the survey is documenting the additional evidence.
I developed the “Level One Diagnostic” for a quick but comprehensive look at your current practices. Especially valuable to owners and administrators who aren’t as comfortable with clinical operations and need some feedback to inform performance evaluations of clinical leadership and administrators or evaluate new practices as implemented.
I offer this service off-site to save you money and me time. I will review 3 clinical records, 3 personnel files, and the last year’s committee meeting minutes. I will give more guidance as to record selection to maximize the experience.
I create a report that identifies Medicare deficiencies, CHAP required Actions, and opportunities to improve based on my extensive knowledge of industry best practices. The Level One Diagnostic is billed at a flat rate of $1000.00.
I look forward to discussing how this quick peek can help improve your agency’s clinical and financial performance without costing an arm and a leg!


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