Hospice Resources I find myself repeating!

I’ve been doing a lot of hospice surveys lately and find myself repeating the same recommendations so thought it worthy of a post.

First of all, for anybody in hospice that needs to learn more about the “business” end of things check out the Tough Training offered by Multivew, Inc at www.multiviewinc.com. I notice that they don’t have a fall training posted yet, so sign up for updates on that. It is an expensive course, but worth every penny and then some as you will save yourself thousands with the knowledge, tools and strategies that you learn.

You will have a good grasp on what numbers to watch and the parameters they should fall into. Nothing like watching the fuel gauge to see if you need to change your oil, right? But better still, what do you do with this information? You learn that your indirect wage expense is 20% over what it should be or that you are spending twice the amount on meds that you should be. What good is it to learn what your numbers should be if you don’t learn how to implement course corrections to bring those expenses into the budgeted range? The Multiview Tough Training gives you everything you need to take back to your team and get hospice done right. They have training for CEO, CFO, and Clinical Leader and ocassionaly an all-in-one. I’m definitely going back soon.

Another is a booklet for hospice patients and families that I believe should be in the admission packet and the tote bag of every hospice professional and that is “Gone From My Sight” and can be purchased direct from the author (Barbara Karnes)  here:  http://www.gonefrommysight.com /This little resource has been invaluable to me in my practice. Every time a family member would ask the inevitable question “how much longer do you think?” I tell them lets consult that little blue book and together we look up the signs they are seeing and they can determine for themselves if we are looking at weeks, days, or hours.

Another resource available to help you manage your #2 line item expense (meds) and that is a pharmacy benefit manager. My favorite is Outcome Resources at http://www.outcomeresources.com/ they basically manage all your pharmacy contracts for you. They negotiate the best rates, access free delivery and compounding pharmacies and you get to keep your relationships with the local pharmacist and your money stays in the community! They are NOT a pharmacy, they are a pharmacy benefit manager and contracting with them provides a level of oversight to protect your patients and your money! Their average cost per patient day is less than $7.  Of course that comes from analyzing usage trends and making course corrections in prescribing practices. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen!

Lastly, BEWARE the fly-by-night billers please! If your biller is dropping hospice claims or home health raps and finals without requesting a billing audit (some call them edits) that include checking for physician signatures and documentation that supports that the visits on the care plan were provided as ordered then you have probably “billed in error” and are subject to recoupment and possibly fines. I can recommend healthcarefirst for billing services at www.healthcarefirst.com and they also have some recovery services if you’ve been the victim of an ill-informed biller. Craigslist is not a great place to find home health or hospice billers (jes sayin’)

Good luck and God speed!



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