A Common Medicare Deficiency: The Transfer Summary

Medicare Conditions of Participation dictate that (G 238)  ”if a patient is transferred to another healthcare facility, a copy of the record or abstract is sent with the patient”.

Inevitably I am asked “what if the agency is unaware that the patient went to the hospital?” and I commit my answer in writing here and that is: did you establish a relationship with the patient ensuring that they were aware that you were part of their healthcare team and that keeping them out of the hospital is an important function of the agency? I wonder how re-hospitalization rates would be impacted by that one change in process. That one shift in paradigm.

As far as meeting the requirement, most of your commercial forms (Med-Pass and Briggs, etc) have created a summary form on the back of the TIF OASIS and if it is completed per the prompts provided then the agency is considered in compliance with the standard. This should include the agency/hospital that received the information and the name and date of the person faxing the information. It is industry practice to include a CURRENT medication profile which is discussed in several other posts on this blog. This is one more example of why the medication review and documentation process is so important.


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