What I Love about HomeSolutions.NET by Sansio

I completed a demo with Kraig Erickson at Sansio on Friday of HomeSolutions.NET and I was really impressed. I decided to do another “What I Love About…” blog post!

There is a lot to love with this solution. For instance, I love that an agency can use a variety of data collection methods. That’s speaks to real-world home health management.  Your aides can use telephony, your contractors and part-timers can use scannable forms and your OASIS assessors can use laptops. The clinical data from all sources populates an electronic clinical record.

Next, I love the dashboards. It’s workflow integration and if you’ve read any of my previous posts you know how I feel about workflow integration. I compare the dashboard functionality to “pushing the data” to the appropriate user, which is way better than training, and praying that the appropriate user will remember to “pull the data” setting the correct parameters on the reports tab, at the correct timeframes in order to effect some kind of positive outcome.

HomeSolutions.NET has a pretty robust OASIS scrubber. I like the “Not Likely”, “Not Possible” and “Required” language on the OASIS review reports. You can still data import to a PPS Plus Review application, especially for your staff that needs to learn OASIS collection. Sansio recommends using a mobile device for the 19-page OASIS assessment so that the validation can be done by the nurse entering the data. (You don’t have to have Internet access to use the application.) This improves clinical accuracy as well as cash flow.

SHP is built right in, no need to export for your benchmarking.  HomeSolutions.Net is compatible with most, if not all of the HH-CAHPS vendors. (It’s just a csv format)

I really love the fact that during the referral process, when I enter the physician name, that HomeSolutions.NET automatically does a check for the physicians PECOS status! There is a pretty cool dashboard for checking PECOS. It’s amazing how a little bit of data can hold you up and conversely, how a little bit of data can get you moving. Having this information will allow for management and marketing decisions and allow for an opportunity to have a nice little convo with the physician and motivate them to enroll in PECOS instead of just not taking his/her patients anymore.

I love that the solution will automatically fax 485′s and interim orders to the physician.  No batches, it just goes. One less thing to worry about!

And lastly, I really LOVE the price. The pricing methodology could be simplified, (they use per concurrent web session–kind of difficult to budget) but what I learned is that an agency with 90-100 census who wants to use all formats would spend less than $3000.00 to get started. the 1st 2 months are free (Really LOVE that!) and for that same 90-100 census, you could budget $1000 to $1400/month. That’s pretty competitive for the functionality. In other words, compared to other solutions with similar features the price is either in the same ball park, or a little less.

HomeSolution.NET also supports a private duty business line as well as hospice. I did not get to test drive those products. Will have to schedule that for another day.

Contact Kraig Erickson at kraig.erickson@sansio.com for a demo and take a look at the company website.

Meanwhile, if you are a current or previous user of HomeSolution.NET I’d love to hear your experiences. All comments are moderated, so they won’t be posted.



  1. I implemented HomeSolutions.net at a home health agency I previously worked for. They are great! I implemented it at the end of 2012 and they are still going strong. They work very well with you. You can enter tickets to make suggestions on changes to the software. I actually had several of my suggestions implemented while I was still there. And the price is right for those on a budget (and what home health isn’t these days).

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