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The Procura Home Health Application

The Procura Home Health Application

Laura and I spent some time with Kathy Pruitt looking at the Home Health Application by Procura.
The Procura Home Health app is for medium to large home health agencies with a census over 150. Procura provides software to meet the needs of Home Health, Private Duty and Community Care organizations.
Procura is a BIG app, with lots of choices. Kathy did a great job asking the right questions to ensure we saw what we wanted and weren’t overwhelmed by the rest!
Procura falls in the mid-range for implementation costs at $25,000 to $40,000 depending on number of users, how many business lines, locations and specific applications purchased by the agency. The monthly fee for the hosted model is per user/per month at $335 each. The software also accommodates a server client environment as well and pricing can be provided for that. There is a telephony system as well so not all your field staff are “users”, your aides and contractors may be on telephony instead of the POC app for instance.
Procura has licenses with VNA First for care paths/plans or you can build or load your own. They are licensed with First Data Bank for meds.
Part of the implementation costs includes a business process review which is a very personalized touch to implementation. Procura goes to great lengths to discover your current processes and how to gently convert them into automated, electronic processes.
Setting up the payors in Procura seemed much more robust than other apps I’ve used, and can be edited down to the patient level for co-pays, Medicare Secondary payor, etc.
Like most of the apps we have reviewed, Procura has a built in encrypted email for communication between team members.
Integrated workflow!! Now this takes some time in the beginning, just figuring out what you think your workflow should be. For instance, after a clinician completes an OASIS, it goes to QA, then it goes to billing, or wherever or whoever you specify. I confirmed with Kathy that agencies would not be overwhelmed with choice and that Procura would share workflows that have worked for other customers! It’s one of those options (like setting up all your bills on your banking website) that are well worth the initial set up.
Medicare Eligibility can be checked across the census as frequently as you want. You know how we love that!
Two of my favorite features are 1. Best Route: So simple, it’s a feature that allows a clinician to put in all the patients she is going to see in a day and recommends where she go first, second, third, etc based on “best route” (not to replace clinical judgment of course, just a nifty tool).
Last but not least, Procura has a built-in CRM. That’s a “Customer-Relationship-Manager” application. Home Health has to have the marketing engine humming now a day to compete with increased numbers of providers for smaller profit margins.
The CRM allows you to analyze where your referrals are coming from, and maintain good contact and feedback with them! This is the first application that I’ve seen with the built in CRM.
We will be discussing how to manage marketing efforts inthe very near future on this blog as it is becoming a real hot button issue for our customers as well.

Meanwhile, if you have had experience using Procura, please take a moment to leave some feedback for the other shoppers out there. I know they will appreciate it. (All replies are moderated, and can be anonymous if you desire).

If you haven’t seen Procura, go to www.goprocura.com

or email Kathy Pruitt at kpruitt@goprocura.com



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