OASIS Review for Dummies–and Geniuses! PPS Plus

I’ve always been a big, big fan of PPS Plus! Any agency that completes OASIS can benefit from adding PPS Plus to the OASIS review process.

PPS Plus is a simple, simple solution and can be installed via en email link. You simply enter your OASIS data (that can then be transferred into your clinical software, or to HAVEN, or anywhere else that requires OASIS submission–read no duplicate data entry.)

Quite simply, it is the most robust OASIS review program on the market. (IMHO) If there is any solution that goes through more than 2000 checks on the OASIS, I’d like to hear from you.

Whether you are completely on paper, or completely paperless, you can improve the clinical accuracy which has the added benefit of ensuring appropriate reimbursement, as well as demonstration of improved outcomes.

For less than $500/per month you can run every single OASIS through this review and have access to the clinical and technical support, unlimited, at no extra charge. Pricing is based per-branch.

One of the things I love most about the OASIS review software is the education that users acquire. Each time they are walked through an OASIS review they learn something. That knowledge is cumulative. The same mistakes are not repeated over and over ad nauseum (literally). You are actually educating your clinicians in correct and accurate OASIS completion without the expense of seminars, testing, one-on-one counseling. This is how adults learn—through experience.

There are a few other functions available that I don’t want to minimize because they are of tremendous benefit to the quality assessment/performance improvement department and that is the tracking and trending that results of the aggregated OASIS data that you are entering into the system. For example, if you choose to enter the referral source, and the clinician in the OASIS you can report on referral statistics and performance, case mix, HHRG, etc by clinician.

Especially, if you are committed to paper processes for your clinicians. PPS Plus is a nice back-office processthat allows you to meausre performance, create financial and clinical reports based on episode and can sere as your HH-CAHPS vendor as well.

And lastly, if incorporated into a robust QAPI program this software can actually IMPROVE PATIENT CARE! (That’s a stretch, right?) Let me explain. When you are able to compare a patients assessment from admission to their assessment at recert and understand the variances (they are better at x, but got worse at y) you can implement a plan of care for the recert that will actually impact outcomes (as in real patients got better, not just documenting got better). That’s something to think about.

*Note: I do not work for PPS Plus in any way, shape, or form. They do not sponsor my website, or my blog. I have personal experience with the product and this is an unbiased user review.

Contact Mark Scott at mark@ppsplus.com at PPS Plus for a demonstration of how your clinicians, your agency, and your patients can benefit from a thorough OASIS review.


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