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By Request:The Care Anyware Review

By Request:The Care Anyware Review

I’ve had a few requests from readers to do a review on Care Anwyare. I finally caught up with Ann Saye at Care Anyware and must first comment on her excellent teaching  and demo skills. I really like her approach and low-tech vocabulary that puts the high-tech process into terms old nurses like me can understand.

The application is divided into 2 primary sections: Agency Front Office and Clinical Point of Care. Point-of-Care can be utilized online (the Intranet) or offline (and synch later to the server)

The Clinical Point of Care does have a terrific Knowledge Base and the Care Anyware University which is a great resource for training new users. The program also has some built in clinical assessments in addition to the basic OASIS Assessment, like the Tenneti, the Braden and the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale. (The ESAS started its like in hospice, but home health users are discovering its value as an outcome predictor)

I concede that having looked at as many solutions as I have over the past year it is pretty difficult to impress me. I shared with Ann that I really did not see any functionality that I haven’t seen before in other solutions. Additionally, it seemed that there was a lot of clicking to get to data and that I didn’t see the workflow integration that I rave about in other applications.

The user can get info from the database, but they have to know what reports to run, what parameters to set, and when to run the report in order for the data to be utilized in managment and care decision.

Order sets can be built by the agency based on their on best practice, as well as care pathways (problems, interventions, and goals)CareAnyware does have some PIG based on previous user utilization and is customizable for the agency to add its own best practices, or another set of pathways developed on best clinical practice.

The application compares current OASIS with previous OASIS to alert to improvement or decline and this is very useful in developing a relevent, individualized care plan to impact patient clinical outcomes.

Lastly, on the home health application, I felt the pricing structure was more complicated than necessary.  The pricing is based on “Number of transactions with patients” (which is kind of difficult to budget) An agency is assigned an initial payment amount based on census and as the census grows by 25% in a certain time period they are moved to another payment tier. I beleive the average is $2500/month. Talk to one of the Gene Gollogly gene@careanyware.com at Care Anyware to find out what implementation would cost for an agency of your size.

Of note, Care Anyware is not Care Everywhere. At present, they are limited to Colorado and east. They are unable to service the western time zone with support and would rather not accept those new clients than risk not being able to service them.

I was very intrigued by some of the hospice features and how easy it was to navigate between home health and hospice business lines. I appreciate that their care planning is multi-disciplinary meaning that you don’t have to assign the same intervention “pain assessment” to the SN, the SW, the PC, and the aide. Pain assessment can be charted by any discipline, as long as it is in the care plan under one discipline. This embraces the interdisciplinary nature of hospice.

The IDG document aggregates previous notes from all disciplines, as well as any changes docuemented in the previous 15 days, and allows for free texting during the meeting of any care decisions that were made during the meeting.

As usual, would love to hear from current and previous users of CareAnyware to round out the picture from a user view point. Comments are moderated and kept confidential.

Contact Ann Saye at asaye@careanyware.com for a terrific demo!



  1. As a user of careanyware this program is very inefficent and does not allow for agency to incoroporate best practices, care plans or individualize. Certain oasis regulations are blocked from entering, big concern.Entering of orders, medications leaves much to be desired You have to click about 20 times for one. Total of about 600 clicks just to do note. The time spent by clinicians to document, find information, orders, leaves to decrease in productivity and patient care. On the office side when trying to look at current orders, dates, info, you have to click on a multiple list to find current or changes, nothing is a clear picture. Careplans are bunched together, forget about individualizing these it can’t happen. Very difficult to find info if MD office is calling. Bottom line worse program I’ve seen and worked on. On the hospice side template is not appropiate, does not capture the documentation needed, basicially is HH note with staff needing to add info. Looking at different programs to allow accurate documentation, ease of use which will increase productivity and decrease audits.

  2. Jayne Butler says:

    Our agency just completed our core training with Ann, and I agree she does a great job. I googled Careanyware and found you as I was trying to see what other clinicians had to say about this software. I have found it to be rather complex and not intuitive at all. That’s probably what you meant by poor workflow integration. I am apprehensive about training our clinical staff. I have spent countless hours practicing on the training site and still miss some click that makes it impossible to continue. It doesn’t allow free texting of numerical values and it is time consuming to have to open boxes to choose digits and then click accept for every value…and there are lots of numbers a clinician has to record. I would love to know if it’s just me or if there are other users who have felt the same. We are only a few weeks in, so maybe it’s too soon to be making any kind of judgement. I would love to hear any feedback you have received! Thanks.

  3. Pulling my hair out says:

    This system is horrible!!!! Run before you get sucked in… It is so time consuming and lags very bad when trying to look up information or entering information into the system… I hate it!!!

  4. Very Disappointed says:

    As a current administrator of a CAW implementation I am underwhelmed by this product. It needs help badly. BillyJoe, Jayne, hair out all make very good points and I echo their concerns.
    The information flow is horrible, way too many clicks to get “anyware.”
    This is my 5th EMR/POC implementation and I am growing sooo frustrated with this product.
    I’ve even heard rumors that this product is prohibited by some state healthcare agencies.
    And Carol, you mentioned the ‘great knowledge base’ I call BS and bet you didn’t even try it.
    Their KB is useless – at best, and I get so tired of their help line ‘conveniently’ disconnecting after I’m on hold for 20+ minutes at a time.
    And when you do get thru, hope you don’t get the support guy who says, ‘Don’t know why they sent you to me, I can’t help you’
    Final Answer – Poor, don’t waste your time or money.

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