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2010 May

Select Data: Solutions on Paper, on Laptop and Coding Service.

SelectData has a paper (scannable forms) solution, a laptop solution and a hybrid of both. Meaning, you can put some of your staff on laptops and maintain some staff on paper without sacrificing the electronic medical record! However, what I find really valuable about SelectData is their Coding Service. (And you don’t need to use […]


Just Can't Do Point-of-Care?

It’s true, most agencies (home health, hospice, and private duty) struggle with integrating technology into their processes. Point-of-Care has become extremely affordable over the last decade, but newer agencies tend to use a large percentage of part-time and contracted staff and buying hardware and training everybody on laptops is just not feasible. These agencies then […]


Medicare Billing Audits

Pre-billing audit processes are crucial to preventing revenue recoupment and even fraudulent billing criminal charges. Anderson & Tuttle, LLC have been busy defending ADR denials for instance and legal nurse consulting for agencies facing criminal charges that could have all been avoided with a 10 minute check-and-balance process: The Pre-Billing Record audit. For instance, we […]


Hospice Dedicated Software

If you’ve been looking for software for your hospice, you’ve probably been a little frustrated. What I hear from shoppers is that most applications are too home health-y for hospice use. My own experience implementing software applications in hospice supports that observation. However, there are a few applications out there (not many) that are dedicated […]


OASIS Scrubbing?

Have you scrubbed your OASIS today? “Scrubbing” is another one of those tech-y terms that have a million definitions depending on who is doing the talking. In my humble opinion, OASIS scrubbing is a software function that does the basic contradiction-finding that was done by rooms full of nurses before (or one lone stressed DON […]


Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse

Yay Me! I just received a letter from the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses www.hpna.org that my application for certification renewal through the Alternative Recertification process has been approved!!! Now, for those of you who don’t know, that’s a big deal. They require 100 hours of continuing education relevant to the […]


What I Love About Kinnser

Kinnser was one of the first applications I demo’ed when I started this blog and I would be remiss not to mention all the things I really like about this application. First and foremost, they have an automated weekly Medicare verification function. That’s AUTOMATED! Meaning that the software system will go out and verify Medicare […]



Just wanted to update you with an application that I have been seeing around quite a bit lately and that is myhomecarebiz.com. You can speak to Melissa@myhomecarebiz.com to see if it is a fit for your agency. What I like about it is it is very affordable, no server to buy and has a telephony […]


Agency Start-Up Experience

After asking how much money you have available for this venture I’m going to ask you about your experience. Here is how the Medicare Conditions of Participation define Administrator, home health agency as: A person who: (a) Is a licensed physician; or (b) Is a registered nurse; or (c) Has training and experience in health […]