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Introducing Home Health and Hospice Software Reviews

Introducing Home Health and Hospice Software Reviews

I have reviewed several software solutions over the past few weeks and months and am still learning about each of them. I will be blogging about my finds and reviews in the months to come.

Meanwhile, I’m listing applications that I have viewed demonstrations on and links to their websites. Feel free to contact me if you are considering any of these products for a discussion!

Health Care First  at healthcarefirst.com You can contact David Garcia at David.Garcia@healthcarefirst.com for a web demo. This is a contender for start up agencies who need a sound application for a great price.

For Hospice only Mumms is a good solution and has made several improvements. You can speak to Cindy McGarville cindym@mumms.com or visit www.Mumms.com

August Systems has an application for home health and hospice and can be viewed at www.august-systems.com or speak to LorrieC@august-systems.com for a personalized demo.

SanData  at www.sandata.com has one of the best telephony systems (called SanTrax) I have seen that is perfect for private duty agencies. It uses the clients phone (so no purchasing of hardware) and I am most impressed by the no-show alert that lets a manager know if a caregiver didn’t show up at the appointed time!) Talk to DThompson@sandata.com. SanData also has a home health application that I plan to review soon.

www.kinnser.com has an application that is just a tad more expensive than the most budget-centric software  decisions, but packs a lot more function into the application. I am really impressed with the enhanced import partnership with PPS-Plus www.ppsplus.com (which is an OASIS “scrubber”) which really does pay for itself the first time you use it in enhanced reimbursement opportunities.

Regardless of which software application you choose, please review PPS Plus to augment the validations that some of the applications choose. Few do it better and the few that do are in a whole different price category. You can speak with Mark Scott mark@ppsplus.com for a demo. You’ll see what I mean. I can also endorse PPS Plus as a previous user of the product.

I’ve also looked at Alora at www.alorahealth.com (sjohn@alorahealth.com) They currently are running a program where they waive the first 5 months of subscription! Another plus for start ups that aren’t certified.

Allscripts (formerly Misys) www.allscripts.com  has a new solution that is affordable for start up agencies. (Laurie.Kaiser@allscripts.com) and

HomeCare HomeBase www.hchb.com are great solutions for a little larger agencies that need a lot of workflow integration. HCHB uses the pda’s (they have a laptop platform) but the pda’s are a big hit with users.

Thornberry has a program Ndoc www.thornberryltd.com is a good middle of the road in terms of price and upper end in terms of function. Contact Ed Bowersox at edb@thornberryltd.com for a demo.

www.homesolutions.net a Sansio product has a great scannable option. Talk to Kraig Erickson at Kraig.Erickson@sansio.com to schedule a demo.

We have several other demos scheduled and will continue until we have seen them all.

Most applications put on a good demo! Talk to people who have actually used it. View at least 5 demos before making a decision. Consider the cost savings in relationship with the expense not in nurse productivity, but in agency productivity. Getting the most from an episode, managing the episode with the appropriate resources, submitting RAPS in days not weeks.

If you’re going to go point-of-care and do away with forms, I recommend doing it all at once. Some agencies install a “back-office” solution and roll out the laptops later. That can be a disaster! If it is at all possible, go as paperless as possible right from the start. It will be smoother and cheaper in the long run.

The selection process can be daunting. We offer selection assistance services and can review software solutions with you which will assist you in making the best decision possible for your particular needs.

Feel free to call me  at 804-274-0556 if you have questions about the above products or need assistance in selecting a solution that will meet your needs. I will be happy to share my thoughts. Also, if there is a product you want me to dial in to a demo you have scheduled to help focus the demonstration on your needs, please contact me for scheduling.

Stay tuned for the reviews, shoppers guide, and comparison tools to follow!



  1. Have you looked into McKesson software?

  2. Yes, McKesson is great product. It’s not the best option for start ups due to the expense. The feedback I’m getting is that clinicians really like it, but reporting could be improved. I recommend you talk to people who have actually used the application you are considering.
    You may find that some of the things they don’t like are not that big of a concern for you.
    Call us to get user references when you’re ready.

  3. Have you looked at CareAnyware? We’re currently shopping to upgrade our current software.

  4. McKesson is similar in price (at least at our size) to HomeCare HomeBase. I am interested in thoughts on CareAnyWare, too, as it is about half the cost of McKesson and HCHB.

  5. Any feedback on Alora? We are looking at multiple web based options. Alora seems comprehensive and affordable with the exception it does not allow for scanning forms to the EMR. We are medicare certified and also do a significant amt of private duty. Many softwares are geared specifically towards medicare, we are about 50/50.

  6. Julie Griffin says:

    Have you looked at hospice software from Suncoast Solutions? Your input would be extremely helpful.

  7. Whatever you do, don’t use Suncoast. You’ll wish you hadn’t.

  8. I’ve used McKesson, it’s bulky, all nurses i’ve ever come across that has used it says its too complicated and i agree- not friendly. I’ve also used CareAnyware…. it lacks lots of features… and is too basic. Doesnt help clinicians at all. In comparison to McKesson and CareAnyware, Alora is a great fit for simplicity & demand… it really satisfies all areas of need. =)

  9. Who is today’s market leader for Hospice software? Who would you suggest as the top 3 for small to midsize providers. Also, any takes on Clearcare, one of the newer one’s?

  10. Whatever you do, don’t use Suncoast- it’s a nightmare! It might be cheap, but you get what you pay for; glitchy, overly complicated, and just plain not worth it.

  11. Verbenia Collins says:

    Has anyone used Devero, a cloud vendor for home health care? If so, any reviews?

  12. Who is today’s market leader for Hospice software? Who would you suggest as the top 3 for small to midsize providers. Also, any takes on Axxess, one of the newer one’s?


    • I really like HospiceSoft (see earlier review). Axxess has not yet rolled out its hospice offering. I get a lot of negative comments about Consolo. It has very good functionality, but is not intuitive at all and requires quite a bit of training, which they do not provide on site. Prepare to spend hours on webinars and make sure the entire staff knows how the agency is utilizing the program–which can’t be viewed on a webinar. Suncoast has similar reviews.
      I’m looking at Kantime next weekend. They are established in private duty, rolled out HH last year and hospice is operational, but I haven’t seen it.
      I’d have to say my top 3 are 1. Hospice Soft, 2. Healthcare First, 3. to be determined.

  13. Carol,

    Great meeting and chatting with you other day. Thanks for helpful tips. We had our 3rd of 5 demos done as suggested. Wanted to ask if you plan to review DeVero anytime soon. Our agency likes it for its user friendly aspect of familiarity but not sure about reporting aspect of it. If you do have a chance to review, we are looking forward to reading it and referencing.

    Thank you

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