How do you hire a fraction of a an employee?

By using Fractional On-Call Telephone Hospice Triage RN’s!

Staffing on call is costly and difficult to manage.  NurseLine,

triages night, weekend and holiday patient and family caregiver calls over
the phone, contacting the appropriate on call member of your hospice
center’s interdisciplinary team only when necessary. Our highly experienced
hospice RNs work with you in a way that is transparent to patients and
families using your protocols to provide telephone triage as a trusted
extension of your center’s staff.

The key benefits of NurseLine’s service are:

-reduced labor expense
-prevent staff burnout and turnover.
-easy to manage, buy only what you need
-accelerate the start of care date and increase the length of stay of night,
weekend and holiday referrals

Check out and contact Eric for more info!

Most popular hospice software EMR?

Hello readers! I am interested in your feedback about the EHR you are using or have used and what you like/dislike about it. I’ll post the results when I get some substantial data~! Thanks! C


After Hours On-Call Solutions is a new solution to an old problem. NurseLine provides hospice specialized triage services. The service provides hospice certified and experienced  RN’s to answer your patient’s/facility call after hours. A live RN to answer the phone instead of complicated voice mail prompts that can prove frustrating to patients and families in time of  crisis. [...]


Hospice CAHPS : Get Ready!

Hospice CAHPS is here. If you have cared for more 50 or more decedents you will need to make a “dry run” before April 1st. Results from this dry run will not be published but demonstrates you have transmission capacities. Be ready to participate in the H-CAHPS process, it’s MANDATORY! Thanks to my friends at [...]

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A Hospice Story

Rural San Diego County, California is about as close to heaven as I can imagine. I drove long distances between my patient’s homes on mountain roads lined with all sorts of flowering bushes and trees. It was sunny and 70 almost year round. I was driving through a lemon grove on the top of a [...]

Review of Axxess Software

I admit this review is long overdue. I’ve been seeing Axxess being utilized in the majority of agencies that I’ve visited as both a surveyor and consultant. As it turns out, it is because they have over 1800 home health clients since their inception in 2011. That’s pretty impressive. I had a long chat and [...]

It’s a new year! Have you scheduled your annual agency requirements?

Yep it’s a brand New Year! Thought I’d post a reminder about your Medicare/CHAP requirements 1. Obviously, you’ve made arrangements for your Medicare Cost report 2. Have you made arrangements for an “external financial review”? CHAP standards CIII.3 requires that an accountant review the books of the agency and document that the agency followed Generally [...]


Hospice Certification: For the Whole Team

I just took and passed my 4th recertification exam to maintain my hospice and palliative care nurse certification—whew! I was so disappointed in the first exam because I had all my med conversions and symptom management best practices down cold. I don’t think there was one question about opiate conversion on that test. This one [...]

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Quality Assurance, Quality Assesment/Performance Improvement, Quality Improvement, Whatever You Call It or “A Rose By Any Other Name”

Several recent plans of corrections for CHAP and some recent software demo’s put me in mind to rant a bit about the monster that home health and hospice agencies call QA (or QI or QAPI, etc). These monsters were conceived when the industry started to utilize technology and it is out of hand, folks! It doesn’t [...]